Produtos e Serviços


Noventa Graus' projects are developed and performed with high levels of performance, due to the continuous implantation of and investment on three pillars, which create the structure and essence of the group:


The execution of effective security measures derives from projects developed with planning and expertise, which ensure the best results and lowest risks to the costumers.


Training the staff in technical, operational, administrative and behavioral areas, offering support material and modern equipment, ensures the qualification and motivation for the professional to take on routine and strategic tasks.

  • Noventa Graus values proactive professionals, intelligence and capacity for creating solutions that might be implemented for the team or the customers.
  • To ensure the projects' quality and the relationship with the customer, the team has cells for work and customer service.



Use of technology in security services for: rounds, access control, vigilance, loss prevention; monitoring and self defense are tools that directly contribute to the efficacy and to the optimization of project' costs.

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